A guy with a sociology diploma and about 20 years of market research practice here.

Several considerations need to be taken into account here.

First of all, polling in an authoritarian society is a bogus exercise. Primarily via phone interviews, where a respondent knows (s)he isn't anonymous.

Next, government-affiliated pollsters pride themselves on the fact that the age/gender structure of their sampling is top-notch but disclose other parameters very hesitantly. Only the occasional slip-ups by FOM agency revealed that the share of respondents who cite the Internet as their primary source of information plummeted (it was above 50% in 2021). So those responding are the TV viewers, and other population segments avoid polling.

Participation rates have plummeted. VTSIOM govt pollster cites on its pages that it has to dial 40'000-45'000 phone numbers a week to achieve the quota of 1'600 completes - that's a 3.5% success rate.

Also, the govt pollsters have repeatedly been found to test multiple wordings of the same questions. Some are phrased as a "confidence vote," where a respondent is asked to evaluate not a given topic by itself but Putin's decision on that topic.

Finally, there are govt pollsters who publish the results of the surveys where fieldwork is, err, questionable by itself. Take "Insomar," a new player in the field, which on September 20th published a "survey" of Kherson, Zaporizhia, "LNR" and "DNR" residents on the "referendum" to join Russia, with 80-sh claimed participation and approval rates. I leave it to the reader to decide whether it is believable or at least counts like a poll.

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Ignorance is clearly bliss for you. Or well-paid.

Ukraine's civilian airports were affected because in many cities the military fields are on the same territory. I don't need to ask "my friends in Kyiv" as I live here.

You don't read very well, either. I already mentioned that I have freinds who survived the occupation of Bucha. The issue in Bucha and other occupied towns was not shelling so much as it was the mass cruelty and theft that went on on the part of the russian forces. The minute they left Kherson, they started shelling the city.

The casualties at Yavoriv were never a secret.

You are obviously just a troll spouting the disinformation that you're being told to spout. This "convesation" is over.

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The first chart seems to be mislabeled. The text says that those who thought the war was the right decision has declined from 71% to 60%, whereas the chart shows that these figures are for those who thought the war was UNnecessary, meaning that support is growing. I don't know what to make of this.

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Source: Unpublished survey conducted by a Kremlin-controlled polling service, obtained by Faridaily.

Do you really take us for idiots?

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