I hope and wish that the economic donation that I sent you has reached you well.

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Hello Farida, my name is Oscar Murillo and I am from Barcelona (Spain) alephoscar@gmail.com

I have followed your journalistic career closely and you are very brave in denouncing certain things and showing the truth to people. All my support and I will continue to support you economically and in whatever you need. You have a friend in Barcelona and luck in your journalistic career

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Maria Ovsiannikova's gesture is insignificant. You see, she worked for decades on behalf of the kleptocrat regime and this gesture doesn't make up for all her collaboration with criminals. Thanks to collaborators like Maria Ovsiannikova the hideous regime is thriving. And now she made a gesture with the miserable little piece of paper; and we have to applaud? No, she doesn't deserve any praise. She is the one of propaganda´s soldier of Russian kleptocrats, who retorted anything with enormous delay. In fact, this russian regime is a regime built by the Democrats. 30 years the personalities of the democratic current were building all the degradation that the world is observing. And Shoigu was a Democrat, and Putin, and Kirienco, and Matvienco...all of them have been Democrats 25 years ago. Minwhile, these Democrats have committed many crimes, and they knows perfectly well that they will be judged when they leave their places in power. And they are clinging to these places to save their lives, literally. And they will fight for their freedom with all their strength and with all their resources.

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Apr 12, 2022·edited Apr 13, 2022

Farida, in one of your articles you ask if Marina Ovsyannikova... "was the most deserving candidate for the job" offered to her by Die Welt.

My answer: Yes, I'm sure she was. Because she hasn't left Russia even when offered free asylum by several EU countries. She says she wants to stay in Russia (and she is a mum of little children). What a brave woman!

Don't be jealous of her appointment, it doesn't suit you. I'm sure many other russian journalists would be equally suited for the Die Welt job. It's just that not every single one of them will find work outside Russia because there's not enough work.

Marina is not tainted by her past work. She has never been one of Putin's regime. Just an employee, a clog, with no power. When the hour came, she acted, knowing that she would loose her job. And not only that but maybe more... she could loose her freedom. A lot of russians saw her protest and heard of her now. She is absolutely the right person. Let's all pray she stays safe & free.

About russian journalists experiencing hardship: they are not the only ones... I'm a writer in Europe and I've never been able to write without doing "graft jobs" on the side to pay the bills. Here and everywhere, a suitable paid job is not a God-given right. In order to pursue my dreams and write, I often had to clean hotels. Truth: there are too many writers and not enough jobs for writers.

And as you very eloquently say: "When people are dying every day in Ukraine, ...(and loosing everything and everyone dear to them)... it is not a good time for Russians to complain about their difficulties."

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